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Our CBG Flower Strains

Snow White

Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

All of our CBG products are derived from our premium CBG strain “Snow White. This remarkable plant is instantly recognizable by its large light green and silvery buds that appear frosted. In contrast the Kona’s are covered with bright orange hairs, giving this strain its unique appearance. If you think this strain looks amazing wait until you taste it Snow White is known for its uplifting tones of citrus, with a fragrant herbal flavor. This unique strain is sure to become a fast favorite among connoisseurs of fine CBG strain of Cannabis. CBG is also believed to interact with your neurotransmitters to help reduce inflammation. CBG is believed to be beneficial in reducing inflammation. When your inflammation decreases you should notice your pain issues decrease. Our Snow White is a wonderful strain of CBG infused Cannabis with less then 3% THC so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this wonderful plant without the unwanted psychoactive effects.

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About Our Nursery

All of our high quality CBD products are grown organically on our farm in the heart of Pennsylvania. Down on our little farm we work hard all day to bring you only the best high quality CBD flowers which we use to make all of our CBD products. Many of the ingredients we add to our CBD is locally sourced and chosen with care. Give some of our high quality organic CBD products a try and you will see what everybody is talking about.

What People are Saying


“I ordered Relax Gummies and Relax Tea from CBDSAI and received a great product at a great price! Before doing business with SAI, and ordering their cbd and cbg products, my main concern was whether the products would work. They do work, and I would recommend them. SAI has quick, speedy service and their cbd products are made in America. I find myself in a better mood, am sleeping better, and am in a lot less pain.”

                                                                                                                                                    Ella Steel

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