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Bubba Kush

Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

Bubba Kush, the name says it all! So it’s been a long week, and it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders; Bubba Kush is for you! Bubba Kush is one of the most potent, tranquilizing genetics available. Make no mistake though, Bubba Kush isn’t for the faint of heart. It was specifically developed for those who feel a little too overwhelmed with the world.  This strain packs a powerful sedative punch that can knock you out for hours.
Bubba Kush was dubbed the “Indica Queen”, and the Bubba Kush genetic heralds the effects of a top-shelf lineage. The genetic is created from a combination of the Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush – a pure Indica strain – that was bred with a high-CBD concentration genetic. This resulted in a genetic that came out as an aggressive Indica dominant plant with maximum relaxation giving you a calming experience that takes you to the next level of peace and quiet.
Bubba Kush presents with dark purple buds that are laced with bright orange veins. The Bubba Kush genetic is one that is beautiful and captivating. That first toke provides effects that take over your system in a matter of minutes.
Bubba Kush was bread for relaxation. A favorite among those who want to wind down after an overwhelming day. Bubba Kush helps get you to dreamland, knocking out stress and creating a calm, relaxing, uninterrupted sleep.
In the first few moments of smoking, The heavy sense of calm first takes over the body, transcending through your extremities and gives you feeling of relaxation that spreads throughout the muscles. Before you hit that deep sleep,
Bubba Kush captivates with its earthy, coffee scent that’s both overpowering and awakening.
In the mouth these flavors come together with a mix of subtle sweetness and notes of kush that engulf the taste buds in a flavor that make you want to take a second toke.


Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

Just like its name, Merlot, carries a distinct flavor and a very enjoyable smoke experience.  Especially for those who want to calm down and unwind at the end of a long day. Just like Merlot wine makes a nice nightcap, Merlot hemp provides a soothing, relaxing feeling.

Merlot is smooth and easy, with a little bitter bite. Merlot’s genetics are aromatic, soothing the mind and body. It lifts you up mildly as its blissful effects saturate your system. The happy effects of this genetic is it can help you relax and help carry you off into dreamland for a great evening of rest.

Merlot combines the red, fruity flavors of berry and cherry. This results from the marriage of Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom, two sweet strains that have distinct, distinct bitter undertones. Merlot provides a flavor of overripe fruit, both these genetics provide your senses with an overpowering sweetness that transforms into a deep, earthy flavor that gives a little bite to your taste at the end.

Cherry Wine has a distinct flavor, with a compact bud and vibrant colors. It has a resounding fragrance of fruit, flowers, and cheese, with hints of spice and pepper.

Berry Blossom tastes like acai and fruit, with the bitterness of earth and gasoline. Its effects are mostly on the body, creating a state of calm relaxation. Your limbs feel mildly weighted down. Together, these genetics produce an exceptionally relaxing flower in the Merlot.

Merlot’s mildly sedative effects are slow to manifest, but it doesn’t take forever either. It creates a smooth, velvet type smoke that glides down the throat, like fine wine with a mild dryness.

Merlot’s mild effects are like a glass (or two) of premium, aged wine. This genetic helps relieve tension and discomfort as it sets the mind in state of controlled relaxation. Merlot has gentle effects that spread over the body and helps to clear away stress that hinders a truly restful disposition.

Merlot can ease the stresses of everyday life. Developed as the quintessential nighttime cannabis strain, this wine-like genetic induces a mild euphoria with the release of happy hormones that uplift the mood and release cognitive and physical tension. Merlot has a smooth, fruity, floral taste and aroma and provides a great smoke experience as well.


Stormy Daniels

Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

True to its name, Stormy Daniels, this strain is smoking hot. This top-shelf cultivar has been kept hush-hush for decades. But cannabis lovers have discovered her calming, effects that take your system on a sensual, full body experience that will leave you calm and refreshed at the end of every session.

Nobody is sure if the cultivators of the Stormy Daniels strain were mocking current events or if it’s just a comical coincidence. But Stormy Daniels was developed from the Trump 1 parent mixed together with the floral, fruity Berry Blossom strain. The result is a fiery, stormy Indica strain that stimulates the body, awakens the senses, and provides an all-encompassing calm.

T1 is a high-CBD strain that claims a CBD-THC ratio of 32 to 1. This makes it one of the most potent strains currently available. It provides complete body benefits that calms both mind and body. Berry Blossom counts on flavor rather than effects. Although Berry Blossoms CBD might be a little more modest, it definitely doesn’t detract from aromatic appeal that demands your full attention.

Stormy Daniels gets the majority of its qualities from the T1. This cultivar is described as a sociable strain, lifting your mood and is great for get togethers and social gatherings.  This allows for a sociable disposition that won’t cause you to say something embarrassing. In addition, it creates a calming, relaxing, and mildly euphoric feeling.


Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

T1 Trump is one of the most flavorful hemp flowers available with its citrus and fruity flavors. It combines the taste of berries, cheese, and maple, which provides the smoker a truly unique experience.  In addition to its taste, T1 Trump also has a remarkable CBD-to-THC ratios. With numbers in the 32:1 CBD versus THC, this genetic produce zero psychoactive effects.

T1 induces supreme calm and relaxation and isn’t for the faint of heart. T1 is Better utilized by those who have experience using CBD Hemp strains. T1 Trump will help keep you calm and relaxed for hours on end.

T1 Trump was created by crossing The Wife and Afghan Skunk. The Wife is a very high-CBD strain with an average CBD-to-THC ratio of 20:1. It produce a relaxed sense of calm without sedation. Afghan Skunk however, is a classic hemp flower. It is very potent and versatile cultivar that creates effects that relax the mind and alert the senses.

The nice thing about T1 Trump is with even such a high CBD content but nearly zero THC content, this genetic allows you to maintain focus, concentration, and clarity.

Sweet and Skunky, T1 Trump exudes The Wife’s floral sweetness and the Afghan Skunk’s pungent smell culminating in an interesting blend of flavors. The citrus and berry come out strong in the beginning and then are overtaken by the skunky bitterness of earth and wood. As you exhale, the T1 Trump leaves behind traces of its lighter, fruity flavors laced by subtle notes of bitterness. T1 Trump’s taste and effects make it a one of kind experience.

Trump Sauce

Available in both Flower and Pre-Rolls.

Trump Sauce is favored for its deep aroma and soothing effects. Trump Sauce CBD flower is a high demand for all lovers of hemp and CBD. This hybrid strain is known for its strong sweet smell and unique stigmas.  Trump Sauce was created by crossing T1 (Original Trump) and Special Sauce.

Trump Sauce has a strong cannabinoid profile.  It contains a balanced amount of CBCA, CBG along with CBGA and more. The CBD percentage averages of 17-19%.  As far as appearance, Trump Sauce flower has a touch of green, brown and a yellow hue. The buds are quite dense with a nice solid nugget look.  These buds have a quality look and are very appealing. When it comes to taste and smell, Trump Sauce has a uniqueness. The fragrance carries the essence of berries with a hint of musk. The sweet smell they produce comes from the high terpenes that they contain. When it comes to taste Trump Sauce can be described in two words – sweet and floral.


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