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CBD & CBG ~ The Science Behind It.

What We Do

We make our CBD base for our products from the world class flower we grow.  To get the best product, you have to start with the best plants.  Once the plants are ready to harvest, they are cut, then have the big leaves removed, and are then hung dry until ready to trim.  At this point all the large flowers are sold in our smokable products line.  The smaller flowers are then ground into what the industry refers to as “biomass”.  The biomass is then heated in large ovens on low temperature in a process known as “decarbing”.   Once the biomass has been decarbed it is mixed with a high quality, completely organic MCT oil.  This mixture is then placed into large low heat, slow cookers.  The mixture is then let heat for 24 hours.  After this process the oil and plant mixture is pressed and then filtered.  The resulting oil is an extremely high grade, potent CBD/MCT oil base mix.  This is essentially what everyone else is selling EXCEPT… they had to use a chemical process to get there. Because we are the grower, we get from point A to final product at a much lower cost and without using chemical methods.   


Why We’re Different

CBD infused Teas form Simmons Agricultural Industries

So what’s so special about Simmons Agricultural Industries (SAI)?  Everything you buy from us, we grew, extracted or processed.  If you look at the majority of our competitors, they are not the growers.  This means, they’re buying either flower or CBD isolate or distillate in order to make their products.  You may ask what’s wrong with that?  The answer is simple…. There is now a way to make CBD Isolate or distillate without using a chemical process.  Look at the ingredients on most competitors’ oils, tinctures, gummies and other products and you will typically notice they list CBD Isolate or Distillate.  Then the next ingredient is usually MCT Oil or Olive OIL.  This is because CBD and other cannabinoids use those oils as a “carrier oil”.   When we make our products, we use the MCT oils the extracting agent.  There is no need for us to use chemicals to extract the CBD to an isolate just to mix it with the oil carrier.  This is because we grow the hemp needed, and can directly extract it to make our products.  Therefor we do need to buy isolate to mix in, to make our products.

What this means, is that we do not use any type of inorganic chemical in our CBD and CBG products.  Everything we make, we extracted directly from the hemp flower we grow by ALL NATUAL METHODS.  This allows us to control quality, and ensure that you are getting a safe, healthy, natural product.

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Plant Maintenance Services

The Foundation

The base we create is used as the primary ingredient in our oils, tinctures, gummies, and even our balms. Because we control the quality of the CBD base, we can easily control the quality of our products. Obviously, since you’re buying a CBD product, you want to know the CBD that is actually in the product is effective, organic, and safe. With all of SAI’s products you are guaranteed this.

Our Plants

At Simmons Agricultural Industries (SAI), we grow only world class industrial hemp strains. Our strains are some of the highest available when it comes to CBD or CBG content. All of our genetics are procured from well known, experienced breeders with decades of experience. This is because starting with the right seed makes all the difference. All of our seeds are feminized, ensuring the highest concentrations of cannabinoids, heavy dense flowers, and a reduction in the likelihood of seeds forming in the product. In addition, using high end genetics ensures great appearance and taste.
So whether you’re looking for a great smokable product, a relaxing muscle rub or lotion, or a great edible or tincture; you can be assured it’s a great product that came from a great plant.

CBD Strains

Bubba Kush


 Stormy Daniels




Trump Sauce

CBG Strains

Snow White.

Organic CBD/CBG Flowers

Find out why everybody is talking about these amazing flowers, grown with love in the heart of Pennsylvania.

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