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CBD Products

Our Organic CBD products are all derived from high quality CBD strains of hemp that we grow on our farm in Pennsylvania.

CBG Products

Our Organic CBG products are all derived from high quality CBG strains of hemp that we grow on our farm in Pennsylvania.

We are  pleased to announce that McConnell Specific Chiropractor, located in Greenville, PA 16125 is now carrying a selection of our product line. It is anticipated they will be carrying our full line in the near future. Next time you are in the neighborhood stop by and check out our fine products.

The Best source for CBD/CDG Products

How do we know that the CBD/CBG products that we sell are all natural and contain nothing artificial? That’s easy! We grow them ourselves on our little farm in Pennsylvania. That’s how we can guarantee that nothing has been added to our products that could be harmful to you, our customer.

Our Guarantee

quality CBD/CBG

We deliver quality CBD/CBG products directly to you, the consumer. Simply pick out what you need, and we will ship it.

Eco Friendly

We work hard to maintain an eco-friendly operation, that does its best to maintain a zero carbon footprint.

Always Fresh

We guarantee that our CBD and CBG products are made only from the freshest CBD and CBG Hemp plants.

Organic CBD/CBG Teas That taste great.

Try our delicious Organic CBD/CBG Teas made from all natural ingredients. We take pride in the high quality CBD and CBG flowers that we grow on our farm in Pennsylvania, and we add great locally sourced ingredients like Elderberries and Chamomile flowers. All of our teas are de-caffeinated, and organic.

Our CBD/CBG Oils and balms

Our organic CBG Balms and CBD Oils offer soothing relief from the stress of a busy day. They are also great for enriching and revitalizing your skin. Made from CBD Hemp Flowers grown on our little farm in Pennsylvania.

Organic cbd/cbg gummies

Try our delicious CBD/CBG infused organic gummies in three delightful fruit flavors.

CBD / CBG Peach Gummie Bears

Peach Flavored Organic Gummie Bears infused with top quality CBD/CBG from Hemp Flowers.

CBD/CBG Blue Raspberry Gummie Bears

Delicious Blue Raspberry Flavored Organic Gummie Bears infused with top quality CBD/CBG from Hemp Flowers.

CBD/CBG Strawberry Gummie Bears

Delicious Strawberry Flavored Organic Gummie Bears infused with top quality CBD/CBG from Hemp Flowers.

CBD/CBG Lemon Gummie Bears

Delicious Lemon Flavored Organic Gummie Bears infused with top quality CBD/CBG from Hemp Flowers.

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CBD/CBG Assorted Gummie Bears

Delicious Organic Gummie Bears in lemon, peach, strawberry, and blue raspberry infused with CBD/CBG from Hemp Flowers.

Here are a few people who benefit from CBD.

If there is anything working with CBD oil has shown me. It’s that there is always hope. Even for the hopeless.

~ Michael J. Fox

After recovering from a car accident in 2008 that was near fatal, this famous American actor and narrator developed Fibromyalgia. In order to deal with the effects of the disorder, which can cause widespread pain, fatigue, mood, and memory issues, Freeman has been using CBD Products.

~Morgan Frreman

This American actress who appeared in a number of hit TV shows in the last several decades has been open about her struggles with anxiety throughout her life.
Phillips uses CBD and THC products as one of the many methods she uses to help with her mental health. She also says that she has found that acupuncture, exercise and using an infrared sauna all help her manage her anxiety.

~Busy Phillips

The Brazilian Beauty is a long time Victoria Secret model and proponent of the powers of CBD. Helping her calm her anxious mind before sleep, Ambrosia says she uses CBD oil every night before bed.
Since CBD is believed to help improve sleep quality and help you fall asleep faster, celebrities with insomnia and other sleep disorders rely on the hemp-derived product nightly

~Alessandro Ambrosia

Kristin Bell has spoken openly about her struggles with mental health. Though there are many celebrities with anxiety and other mental health issues, many of them are not so willing to talk about it.
In addition to taking an SSRI antidepressant every day, this American actress takes CBD oil daily to help mange her anxiety and depression

~Kristen Bell

Known and loved around the world as a result of her role as Rachel Green on Friends, Jennifer Aniston has said that while she uses marijuana occasionally, she uses CBD regularly for pain, and anxiety
~Jennifer Aniston.

A long time cannabis advocate, it might not surprise you to find this half of the Cheech and Chong duo on our list of celebrities that love CBD. Chong has used CBD in his battle against Prostate Cancer and even has his own line of medical cannabis and CBD products

~ Tommy Chong

The balm is amazing when rubbed into the sore muscles I get when carrying around a toddler and a baby and the gummies have been a great way to help me sleep better. 10/10 recommend!


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